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The Good Goddess Project

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Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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Planting Kindness in Dark Places

Simple Acts of Love Change the World 


Help us to gift displaced people items they need, wrapped with our signature heart-shaped gift tag and an uplifting message. 

For as little as £4.00 we can prepare a gift item or offer a yoga class from you to:

* A woman in refuge who has fled abuse, or

* An Asylum Seeker in the U.K. or who has arrived at a camp in Europe seeking safety from war or trafficking. 

Just one small act of kindness from you today, can make a huge difference in their life. 

Together we are the change. 

Click donate to make a difference today. 

Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.

The Good Goddess Project: The project that responds to the needs of displaced people around the world, with empowerment, care and connection.

Empowerment: We offer yoga classes and other workshops to women in refuge and also to refugees


We are available for advocacy work, consultations, workshops and interviews for the empowerment of women. 

Care: All our offerings are made as gifts rather than donations because we believe a gift is easier and more loving to receive. 

We opt for eco-friendly choices and encourage donations to be the same. 

Connection: We create connection with all who we support by gifting them our signature gift packs with items they need and some that are more luxurious. 

We host hampers in refuges with our signature gifts of eco-friendly period products wrapped with dark chocolate bars. 

The women we gift to are in refuges or are seeking safety for other reasons such as fleeing war or trafficking. 

We also work with charities to ship to refugee camps in Europe where people are held in squalid conditions waiting to be 'processed' so they can start their lives afresh.  

If you want to help us plant seeds of kindness in these dark places, please donate today. 

The simplest way to help us is to donate online right now today! 

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