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Co-Founder & Chair

Luna Anna

I'm Luna and I founded the project along with Jyoti in 2017. 

Back then we had no idea how the project would grow, but I always had a sense that the sky was the limit, since there are so many people who are displaced in the world and a growing need to respond to this with kindness. We need each other more than ever. 

My background is Management and Executive Team in Financial Services, but I am also a healer and have a heart-calling to place light wherever there is dark. 

Since the pandemic broke out, it is hard for anyone to see a bright future, as our old world falls apart, but I have this deep sense of knowing that what will come out of this, is a more balanced world that is better for all. 

And I firmly believe that together we are that change. 

Please note that Luna is currently unwell and Jane is doing a fabulous job of Chairing the project in her place. 

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Co-Founder & Empowerment Lead

Jyoti Ma

I’m Swami Jyoti Ma and I am the co-founder of the project.


I used to be a nurse but for the last 8 years I’ve travelled the world, facilitating meditation and yoga retreats.


I’m committed to living in a world where we hold each other up and support each other.


Through the project I was able to bring this into action. I believe that in doing small acts of Love, we can empower vulnerable women, to know their worth. 


Treasurer & Co-Chair

Jane Alexander

My working life began in comprehensive education teaching Drama and English which is where my drive to support others to grow and change began.


In my early thirties, I left teaching and began a journey into spiritual facilitation. I am currently training as an interfaith minister. 

I am passionate about women's empowerment and have been leading women's circles, women's retreats and supporting women to reclaim an Earth based spirituality and an identity of their own for well over a decade.


I believe that social change begins in the heart of each individual and that when we pay it forwards we become part of the solution. 


Community Lead

Lorraine O'Neil 

I was drawn to the good goddess project out of a desire to connect with a positive network that supports women in love and kindness.

I help look after the social media corner of the project and also connect with people out and about in the community.

I believe in creating a web of solidarity and respect for all women everywhere and sowing the seeds for a brighter future in which kindness towards our sisters is fostered and no woman is forgotten

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Fundraising Manager

Anya Kuliszewski

I am a keen conservationist and have spent my professional career working for organisations that strive to improve the natural environment, for people and for wildlife.


My work focusses on connecting people with the natural environment as well as fundraising to protect nature in the UK. I was thrilled to be invited to lend my skills to the Good Goddess Project. 

As the world around us becomes increasingly troubled there are more people than ever needing support and kindness. This project is inspired by a history of women coming together and inspiring positive change for their communities. We can, and will do the same.  


Social Media Manager

Katie Kalyaani Ness

I'm Katie and I'm a concoction of super charged creativity and ideas.


I'm a yoga teacher, women's circle facilitator, Cacao ceremonialist, trainee high priestess of the Magdalene and I specialise in pre/post natal Ayurveda.

As well as this I'm an artist, belly dancer and published author.


I love fusing well-being and creativity together to help others and I have bundles of knowledge on creativity as therapy.

In 2011 I graduated university with a Fine Art degree which has served me well in life to have a creative flair in all that I do but also learn new design related skills. This resulted in developing strong social media design strategies, inbound marketing and content writing.

I learned about the Good Goddess Project a few years ago when they were just starting out but it was surviving my ectopic pregnancy in December 2020 that invoked a call to action within and beyond me to help and heal other women.


As a woman of the goddess with a love for creating things to help others I felt a calling to this beautiful project. Not only to serve via social media management but also as a well-being/creative therapeutic facilitator and actively partaking in creating and donating gift giving appeals.

My motto: Live every day as though it is your last, be kind to others as though it is their last. We don't know what tomorrow will bring, so practice compassion.


Empowerment & Strategy Lead

Liz Cheslett-Davey

At heart and by profession I’m a conservationist, ever hopeful that stories from our environment capture imagination and help us better care both for it and our own health, well-being and sense of connectedness.


Along the way I’ve dipped my toe into archaeology, law, and worked amongst other things as a diving instructor. Now through partnerships, projects and policy I work to improve the quality of our land and water, whilst also building a coaching and holistic therapy practice.


The history of women working together through the ages that comes from Bona Dea (the Good Goddess) brings a real sense of the deep roots of this work.


It’s exciting to see what we can achieve when we unite in support of each other and grow into our best and fullest selves, as only we can.


Empowerment & Communications Manager

Jules Clark

My working life began in professional ballroom dancing and teaching, before a later role working at the American Embassy in Frankfurt led me to retrain in the law. I subsequently returned to the UK and began my legal career. 

My wide ranging professional life (which even includes floristry) has given me a unique perspective on the needs and challenges so many people face and I have come to value loving care above all else.


I was drawn to the project as it is a powerful practical way I can make a difference in my community