Feeling the Love

Below are some letters of gratitude received from SafeNet domestic abuse services where we provided free yoga classes to women in refuge and period care products for the women there.


Just wanted to let you have some feedback from the residents who attended yesterday’s Yoga session. They all LOVED IT! I believe one resident even nodded off in the relaxation session afterwards.

They are all looking forward to next week’s session.

Thanks also for the sanitary products/chocs too.

See you soon,

Gina* (not her real name) is a resident who arrived with us at Refuge at the beginning of October 2018, at the time of admission she was 23yrs old and had fled her family after they discovered she was pregnant (honour based violence – Pakistani family) Gina was studying Law at University at the time, but had to give this up. Shortly after arriving at Refuge, Gina suffered a significant injury requiring surgery and skin grafts. This meant she was unable to work so claimed benefit equating to £57.90 p/w. Along with this trauma, Gina elected to terminate the pregnancy. Following this, she experienced gynaecological issues where she encountered heavy, prolonged bleeding. Due to her low income, inability to work and health issues Gina sought our support regarding ‘Sanitary Donations’ which you have kindly donated. Gina has said by being offered these from our donations, it relieved some of the financial burden on her, as sanitary products are so expensive. She also enjoyed the little chocolates you also attach to the packs.

Preston SafeNet can accommodate up to 30-32 women at any one time. By continuing to support our service through your donations, allows us to provide ALL women with free sanitary products.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Kind regards


Angela Horton

Team Leader

Empowering you to live free from domestic abuse through fair, inclusive, culturally aware and compassionate approaches, SafeNet deliver domestic abuse and specialist support services so that women, children, men and everyone in-between are empowered to live increasingly positive, safer and healthier lives.

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