Happy Valentine's Day to all of our supporters

<3 We hope your day is filled with love <3

As you may or may not know, this project runs very organically. It almost has a life of it's own, and we just follow the flow. Over the last 2 weeks some magic has happened, so thought we would share it with you.

I have spider plants in my house and they have been growing prolifically! They are having babies and the babies are having babies! At Christmas I potted off 50 new baby plants and have been giving them out to friends. Last week I realised I had 30 babies left and it made me think of our ‘New shoots winter appeal!’ There are exactly 30 women who are being supported by Safenet Domestic Violence Services in Preston. So, I called them to see if they thought the women would like a plant as a gift. The lady agreed that they would love one and also that they are going to make pamper packs for the women for Valentines day to bring awareness that they don’t need someone else to make them feel special. She asked if we had anything else to donate, such as toiletries. This was only a few days ago so felt too late to add this to our appeal, but meanwhile….

Aphrodite Health Shop, (Penwortham, Preston), who are a great supporter of The Good Goddess Project in Preston, called me to say they had some eco-friendly pads and toiletries for the refuge! Sandy at Aphrodite is always so keen to help and in sync with our project. I told her about the pamper packs they were making and she offered to add more goodies!

Also, 2 weeks ago, I had been to visit my Mother’s friend (on the doorstep!), to drop off one of the said spider plants as a thankyou, for all she does for the project and my Mum, and she gave me 3 big crocheted blankets and some scarves and hats for the women who are in refuge!

So yesterday (Sat 13th Feb) I gathered all the goods! I made the spider plants into gifts by wrapping a ribbon around with a heart with the message, ‘Wishing you New shoots of Hope’, and added dark chocolate to the pads, and took them to Safenet Domestic Violence services. They were over the moon with the donations and it was perfect timing as they were just making up the pamper packs for the women.

Here are the photos. Here is a special thankyou to all those angels who come together to help others. When I spoke to the lady at Safenet she was asking about the project and how long we have been doing it, and I said 4 years. I said we only do small things, she said ‘They may seem small to you but are huge for us, and the women here.'

New shoot plants for the women in refuge <3

Hand crocheted blankets, made by Jan Astley and Veronica Frost and The Knit and natter group from Fulwood Methodist Church. Thanks so much <3

Eco friendly sanitary products donated by Aphrodite Health Shop, (Penwortham, Preston) and their customers. It is so good to work with you <3

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