I just read something that has me thinking about softening. As we move through these uncertain times I’ve been gifted the magic of softening. Slowly, gently, piece by piece. As the outward restrictions have been shifting, so too has my internal landscape. It’s been a process of unravelling, unfolding and remembering as we have moved through the year.

As I said to a close friend the other day, I think I’m in a period of unfolding, but I still need to be held tender. Throughout these months where we’ve been at home with our minds, our thoughts, our wounds, our struggles, we’ve had nowhere to hide. It’s been a time for clearing and alignment, a time for re-orientation. As the old walls inside me fall down, with the softening, there is a great strength rising. An appreciation of being in my woman’s body, rooted and earthy. I hope as we move forward collectively, our hearts cracked open a little wider, that we can continue this process of rebirthing ourselves, to step forwards into a new way of being. The old ways have had their day, now is the time for the divine feminine in her dutiful chaos to be the harbinger of change. The storm that clears the path for the way ahead, both fierce and tender. Love in action. Love Lorraine xxxx

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