Why were you called The Good Goddess Project?

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

To answer this we need to take you back to December 2016.  It was at this time our Co-founder, Luna, was holding Women's Circles called The Women's Goddess Wisdom Circle. At these Circles Luna taught women ancient goddess mythology and translated it into modern day terms, with a view to helping women connect to their divinity and the qualities of the chosen goddess for that Circle. At the December 2016 Circle, Luna taught about Bona Dea - a Roman Goddess of women, community, healing, fertility and wealth.  As Luna explained to the women that Bona Dea used to be celebrated at a secret festival in December, where women of stature would plot to help the poor women of Rome, Jyoti (Co-founder) said how good it would be if they all did the same. This initial idea of Jyoti's is what started the project rolling. It just so happened that Luna had an event booked for the first New Moon in January, that she hadn't got round to advertising yet. Luna and Jyoti decided to use the booking for a meeting of women to find a way to help other women not as fortunate as them, just like the Roman women had done before them. 

It was that date in January that the project was born, as Jyoti gathered women from around the world and they all came together in Luna's front room. The name The Good Goddess Project was given as a nod to the inspiration from Bona Dea - who translates to The Good Goddess. 

It was that day gathered in Luna's front room, that Luna had the vision to start providing period products as gifts wrapped with dark chocolate bars (dark chocolate has many healing properties and also contains Magnesium, which eases period cramps) to women in refuges who would not easily have access to period care. This vision was before period poverty hit the news, so was quite radical at the time. A part of the project is to let all women know they count, no matter their circumstances. We believe all women are sacred and divine, as are all beings. It is therefore vital that women realise there is not just male divinity (God), but also female divinity (Goddess).  We hope you like our story of how things began. We're looking forward to connecting with you more and are happy to answer questions you may have, so ask us anything!  Lots of love, The Good Goddess Project Team. 

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